Never Forgetting Tinker Bell

Saturday, May 28, 2011

We will never forget how your face brightened up the first day we met you when we handed you the coloring book with Tinker Bell on it.

You studied it and would choose that one over any others we brought….seemingly fascinated by the bright colors and the sparkle of tinker bell’s wings.

We will never forget how you took the crayons out of the box, one by one, coloring with each and then reaching for the next….how you tried to figure out how to move your hands and color like we were.

We will never forget your determined personality….one full of perseverance and strong will.

You will forever be the little girl we had the privilege to know and love on for four short, but life changing days. A little girl who’s memory will forever be intwined in our hearts.

We knew you for such a short time, but in that short time you changed our lives. For a year we waited to go back for you, only to find out days before we were to leave that you were no longer ours.

Our hearts are broken. Such a short time to know you, but we will never forget you and how you changed our hearts.

Songbird, you are loved. Loved forever by us and by your Father in Heaven. We pray you are safe and His protection over you for all your days here on this earth.

We still have the Tinker Bell coloring book you drew and colored in. It will be put away safely with other items and pictures we have of you. A little piece of our hearts will be with it. You were ours for such a short time, but will never be forgotten.

We will never forget Tinker Bell.


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